Register your Bike


This page is for owners to register their bikes for the 2021 All Bike Classic.

  • Early registration is encouraged as signs for each bike will be printed and displayed on supplied stands with information selected from the registration form.
  • One bike per registration entry
  • Registration facilities will be available at the venue on Saturday morning.
  • Personal details will not be made public

Display of Bikes

  • Bikes will be displayed indoors at 59 Hanson Road.
  • The bikes are displayed at the owners risk and it is recommended that your bikes are insured.
  • Fuel volume should be minimised to reduce the fire risk
  • Any bike leaking fuel or oil may be refused entry. We realise that older bikes routinely leak oil so a means of containing drips is required.
  • Stands shall not be deployed on the wooden floor. Please bring along some ply to protect the floor. HMCCQ will have limited quantities of floor protection if you forget.


  • The show will be open to the public from 9AM until 10PM on Easter Saturday and 9AM to 3PM on Easter Sunday.
  • The venue will be open on Good Friday and it is encouraged that you set up your bike then.
  • Bikes can be removed after 3PM on Sunday and the venue will be open on Monday.
  • Contact the organisers if special times need to be accommodated.
  • The venue is secured after hours

Notes on General Categories

  • Restored bikes have been returned to original, as manufactured.
  • Unrestored bikes have been allowed to age due to storage or use. They will be close to original manufacture with minor modifications (eg exhausts etc)
  • Barn finds are bikes that have been neglected and left in storage. Restoration is possibly planned.
  • Custom/ Modified bikes have been changed substantially from manufacture.
  • Project bikes are partially restored with work on-going. Restoration process is of interest. Before and after photographs would be good.
  • Competition bikes can be road racing, drag racing, motocross, enduro, trials etc. They should be as raced, crash damage, paint missing and dirt welcome.
  • All classes could be road or dirt bikes.
  • Memorabilia, trophies and stories very welcome, particularly with historical context.