Registration Cancelled

It is with deep regret we announce that the Gladstone All Bike Classic is CANCELLED for the Easter 2020 weekend. As most are aware all non-essential gatherings are to be cancelled to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and the well-being of our community is priority.

Please keep an eye out for further updates as to HMCCQ Gladstone hosting the event in the future.There has been tremendous community support for this event to date. With close to 20 keen sponsors and over 100 motorcycle entries so far, it was shaping up to be a display of very high standards. We dearly hope we can this momentum rolling again for another time.

Please let others know within your circles that may not keep a close eye on social media.

Gladstone All Bike Classic committee


This page is for owners to register their bikes for the 2020 All Bike Classic.

  • Early registration is encouraged as signs for each bike will be printed and displayed on supplied stands with information selected from the registration form.
  • One bike per registration entry
  • Registration facilities will be available at the venue on Saturday morning.
  • Personal details will not be made public

Display of Bikes

  • Bikes will be displayed indoors inside the PCYC stadium.
  • The bikes are displayed at the owners risk and it is recommended that your bikes are insured.
  • Fuel volume should be minimised to reduce the fire risk
  • Any bike leaking fuel or oil may be refused entry. We realise that older bikes routinely leak oil so a means of containing drips is required.
  • Stands shall not be deployed on the wooden floor. Please bring along some ply to protect the floor. HMCCQ will have limited quantities of floor protection if you forget.


  • The show will be open to the public from 9AM until 10PM on Easter Saturday and 9AM to 3PM on Easter Sunday.
  • The venue will be open on Good Friday and it is encouraged that you set up your bike then.
  • Bikes can be removed after 3PM on Sunday and the venue will be open on Monday.
  • Contact the organisers if special times need to be accommodated.
  • The venue is secured after hours

Notes on General Categories

  • Restored bikes have been returned to original, as manufactured.
  • Unrestored bikes have been allowed to age due to storage or use. They will be close to original manufacture with minor modifications (eg exhausts etc)
  • Barn finds are bikes that have been neglected and left in storage. Restoration is possibly planned.
  • Custom/ Modified bikes have been changed substantially from manufacture.
  • Project bikes are partially restored with work on-going. Restoration process is of interest. Before and after photographs would be good.
  • Competition bikes can be road racing, drag racing, motocross, enduro, trials etc. They should be as raced, crash damage, paint missing and dirt welcome.
  • All classes could be road or dirt bikes.
  • Memorabilia, trophies and stories very welcome, particularly with historical context.